Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story 2nd arc OP No Vocal- BGM Yozuru theme

Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story 2nd arc OP No Vocal- BGM Yozuru theme


・1:04 この背景、記憶ミュージアムか何かでほむらちゃんの記憶を辿っただけだよね…頼むそうであって欲しい ここでワルプル復活とかマジで洒落にならん

・Mifuyu getting yeeted into a hole tho… damn

・Nemu hugging Ui from behind while sliding is kind of cute for some reason


・The music fits really well with the trailer, may I ask where you got the music for this video?


・1:03 My my, who is this troubled artist?




・0:47 結奈さんの目怖すぎぃ… これはひかるもニッコリ


・I am hella hyped for the 2nd Season.

・Es hermoso, lastima que no contó con una canción :’3




・Alina in her school uniform <3

・I haven’t even finished arc 1 !! But I am so happy that it doesn’t end there !! I get to keep my game still and have a purpose playing it !! I love magia record so much 😭💕♥️



・1:00 *M E N A C I N G*

・Where is 1000 year old Sakura

・I’m feeling like the girl in the thumbnail aka 0:48 would be the next event character

・0:37 JACKPOD!

・1:03 Thanos Ui

・I feel that the little one holding a stuff toy is a new magical girl


・Damn all these teams of magical girls I don’t know what happening in arc 2 but it must be big

・Wonder who’s the new villain?

・I wish there’s an opening with this music. It’s kinda cool, i guess


・No Mitakihara girls 🙁

・0:55 clusters of steven universe

・1:02 に出ている二人ってさやかとなぎさ⁉︎


・Is this a part 2 to the game?

・Where can I find this bgm track sound?

・i want to play the game so badly but I dont understand it very well and my phone cant handle all that storage 😭 RIP💔

・Waiting for 2nd season…

・This is from the anime or the Game?

・where can i download this bgm (:?


・0:09 I see you


・How can something be this cool??????


・Yo solo espero que esta segunda temporada del juego también sea animada después de la segunda temporada del anime de Magia Record

・Where can I get the original BGM track? 🖐️



・Why’s Nobody taking about 0:51 to 0:55

・Me encanto la canción ¿Alguien sabe como se llama?

・So did Iroha join a clan


・At this point this isn’t even about Mitakihara girls anymore. It’s about finding a way to escape the witchfication system. Tbh, idrc for Mitakihara girls anymore, I whatsoever hope and expect they give Rebellion a wrap and somehow connect Devil Homura to this, I’m sure together they can find a way to escape Kyubeys system .Whatsoever, I believe a lot of people are more into MagiRecord. I mean I’m sure you are going to comment saying “well, i’m a shaft fan since 2013 and still like Madoka better” yaya we see you, but a lot of people like MagiRecord better. It explains so many things and gives u an actual universe of Magical Girls. Love Madoka, but get along with the idea of them being secondary characters from now and on.


・Rip ikumi and karin




・あおちゃんが少ししか出てきてない… 泣