[Magia Record] Episode 13 – New Ending Song “Nigredo” ➤ ニグレド by シト (from ReReGRAPHICS)

[Magia Record] Episode 13 – New Ending Song “Nigredo” ➤ ニグレド by シト (from ReReGRAPHICS)


・Brazilian night



・Full version’s finally out, also RIP en MagiReco servers

・It’s out! The full version is finally here!



・The most iconic ending.

・Still no full version of the song?

・This and sayaka vs mami where the only thing good in magia record. Real dissapointment so far. I hope it picks up from here.
Oh well, the ost ofc is grandiose.


・MagiReco’s Magia



・For some reason I feel like the events in rebellion haunts me back whenever I watch this, it gives me dilemma to either watch the next season for this or not

・I hate how people are like ohh this anime isn’t as dark as Madoka have you even played the game? The game is much more tamed compared to the anime only picking pace at chapter 10.the fight Rena and Kaede had was much more personal and intense than in the game where they fought over sweets then the rumor came.Plus was Madoka Magica this dark in the first 2 episodes no it wasn’t this anime is the same just a bit more build up and as it’s own anime without constantly comparing it to Madoka it’s pretty good the thing is people keep comparing it to its predecessor not its own which sadly is common even saying wanting to cancel like people have been wanting new Madoka content for years so when we finally get new content you complain asking to cancel just be happy we’re getting any content at all that’s pretty decent.Sorry for the rant I would actually be really upset if they cancelled it because of others opinions after waiting years for new content so I’m kinda heated up at the moment Sorry if I sound rude like I know others opinions are valid if you don’t like it then stop watching don’t ask to cancel and ruining it for others who do like it


・Weird seeing raw anime without subtitles.

・Is anyone else waiting for the release of the song used in this?

・I finally pulled Alina a couple weeks ago. My collection didn’t feel complete without her!

・Plot dieser Serie ist scheinbar nicht so gut wie die ursprüngliche, u ich erwarte auch keine bessere für dies.

・What is this…is this a culture of god?

・Só queria a versão Full… Aff


・Alina is Mussolini

・Thank you! I knew it was only a matter of time before Magia Record had a second credits theme that was much darker than the first theme. June 28, 2020, 11:32am

・Why is Alina so eager for Walpurgis to come? Does it have something to do with Ui? Or this Eve character?


・I love how everyone here thinks this is where the plot gets dark, just a quick reminder, in the game, this is only the end of Chapter 6.





・I don’t understand.. What timeline is it? How do they have doppel?

・What if Walpurgis is actually all of the magius member that becomes a witch and become one

・God Damn that is a SSS tear ending theme.


・Hold up I’m confused. Was that the ending of the show completely?

・wow, I was wondering why Touka was being presented as the villain when she was trying to save the magical girls, but after this scene I was “wow, there’s something really dark going on here”

・This is… AMAZING!

・Are sana and the other girls brainwashed?

・Can someone please tell me when the song playing will be released??????????????

・Apparently the chanting at the end are English words:

In this respite
A storm is coming
She’s calling for it
What beautiful refrain you are

・Why Alina know about Walpurgis?

・Ok since no one is mentioning it I guess I will in 1:12 they actually say some English words
“In this respite a storm is coming she’s calling for it what a beautiful refrain you are”

・aw all of iroha and yachiyo’s friend is now from magius 0:05 0:08

・Need more Madoka mágica the end the history i’m confuse i have very much dudes




・everyone is hype for season 2 but im still trying to figure out if this has any connections to madoka magica rebellion

・I can’t find the full version of this song 😭


・作画崩壊とかも無かったし、ゲームのメインストーリーをちゃんと見た人からしたら面白いけど、ちょっと無理矢理すぎんかな…? 何かいきなりいろはちゃん死んだ(?)みたいだけど、まどマギならこう…ジワジワと精神追い詰められた末に死ぬみたいなのが良いのではないかと…でも普通にいい曲だしいい感じにダークファンタジーにはなってるし結構いいと思うアニレコ。長文失礼。

・ik this is such a tiny detail but i love how they made alina mention walpurgis instead of touka and nemu, i think the second season is gonna be less rushed

・lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this today alone




・Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good

・In the song she say’s “shes calling” i think walpurgisnacht or the magical girls who are in pain are calling to be saved idk

・Yo when she said Walpurgis me and my boyfriend were SHOOOOK.


Can’t wait for season 2

・Where I can listen the full version?

・Where can I find more Reregraphic music???


・I can’t be the only one who immediately opened Magia Record on their phone just to catch up where the anime left off just to beat the living shit out of every Wings Of Magius member.
I get that Touka wants to save all magical girls but her methods make her no better than Kyubey. And there has to be a downside to this whole Doppel system


・What’s the name of this song🙂