magia record connect scene マギアレコード コネクト集

magia record connect scene マギアレコード コネクト集


・Didn’t madoka and mami connect during rebellion when they did Tiro duet?








・forever wishing this is how connect worked in the game

・they really made iroha weak for story huh?


・some of them seem more like a connect-infused magia such as felicia’s, momoko’s, rena’s and tsuruno’s since they heavily resemble the magia like felicia’s hammer getting bigger, rena coming out of mirrors, tsuruno’s fans lighting on fire to do flame waltz and momoko’s strong hit she deals with her magia.


・Speaking as someone who never played the game, what the actual fuck is this connect bullshit? It sounds absolutely bonkers and shit but I have absolutely no idea what the hell is happening on screen.


・This Is such an odd addition with potential to be cool, but it falls really flat. As mentioned in a other comment, the boost is not unique to certain Magicka girls’ abilities, its all the same. Sure, it looks a little different – having fire surround Felicia’s hammer, as opposed to a pink light(??) When she connects to Iroha, but it’s all just the same thing with a different look.
In fact, when it first happened – having never seen the game – I was really confused. And I thought maybe they’d explain it for people who haven’t played the game, but it seems like they never did. I get having connections to the game, but an adaption should be understandable and clear on its own without prior knowledge of the source material.

Edit; upon second viewing, Iroha’s connect with Tsuruno doesn’t even change anything, the fire coming out of her fans just gets more powerful! There’s no unique flair to it all, and if I didn’t see them obviously connect beforehand I’d assume Tsuruno was just using a plain powerful attack. I get it if they didn’t have a massive budget, but goddamn they could’ve done something to make the attack look unique literally at all.

・I never thought twice about how connecting with another magical girl would have been more than just a video game function.

・I totally forgot what this was from the anime. And I haven’t played the game, so I came here expecting a remixed version of the SONG “Connect”, Lol! 😅😂

・i like how the connect has witch runes on them

・I wish they would have fleshed out the “Connect” ability better.

It’s not really clear how it works, and it doesn’t really match what the game does neither. Since Iroha’s wish was to heal her sister, her Connect ability should actually be healing others.

But in here it seems all Connects just make attacks stronger. Which is a bit boring and a bit random.