魔法少女まどか☆マギカ魔法少女5人大人の姿アニメ Grown up Madoka Magica Puella Magi Holy Quintet Anime

魔法少女まどか☆マギカ魔法少女5人大人の姿アニメ Grown up Madoka Magica Puella Magi Holy Quintet Anime



・Wow, I never realised that in the Madoka Kaname transformation that was her grownup self!:o I actually used to think that was just her as Goddess Madoka!

・I think this means that they’re giving up their future selfs to become magical girls.

・4:18 of course it is only fitting that grown up Mami has the dead-anime-mom-haircut


・Outside of the transformation they may be allowed the age. But when they transform they revert back to the age they were when they contracted.

I’m sure Kyubey can give us better explanations in regards to the entropy of it and why this phenomenon happens this way.

Enjoy the next new season of Magia Record and be prepared for more Rebellion sequel information. The new world is far more complex than it was in the first season of Madoka Magica!!









・Bruh I can’t believe I needed slow motion to notice all of the papers with the info homura collected from all of the magical girls

・Huh. I always thought Homura didn’t age because it symbolized her constant rewinds that prevent her from aging.

・All this time i thought they are just changing style and not their grown up self

・i’m crying again why..sayaka is such a blessed girl..everyone helps her growing up and change

・it’s weird that when I put this in miniplayer the title becomes japanese

・I imagined an AU where they all become accountants.

・鹿目まどか Madoka Kaname 0:03~
暁美ほむら Homura Akemi 1:56~
巴マミ Mami Tomoe 4:00~
佐倉杏子 Kyouko Sakura 5:52~
美樹さやか Sayaka Miki 7:49~
物語シリーズキャラが魔法少女になった紹介と予想 Monogatari Series Magical Girls introduction & prediction Anime:
ホーリーアリナがこの世界に降臨+α?!Holy Alina appears in the real world?!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3cHrBG3Kt4

・This is actually strange when you do the madoka magica transformation, it look like the girls are turning back to there younger selves




“She is taller than before”
Ya that is how the body works






・何かマミさんだけ大人シーン多くてズルい( ˘• ₃ • )

・That explains why I always felt that Mami looked different in her civil form in the transformation.


「さやか ぶん投げられる」

・I tried keeping up with this game’s story, but jumping back and forth between the game and the online translation tried my patience. Nonetheless, I appreciate the detailed look at the Holy Quintet’s transformation scenes; you can see the respect for the characters, and how the animation cares for each of their stories and personalities.
While I appreciate the inclusion of each of their matured appearances, I wonder why its here; as far as I understand, this doesn’t take place after the anime. Oh well, I’ll take it as a ray of hope that, sometime after the events of Rebellion, everything does eventually turn out ok.

・holy , I think this means they gave up their ability to grow for their wishes and the rest of their lives have been then dedicated to their wish. and that makes the sybolism of the way they transform more easy to see. like the pages being so tied to homura’s wish, seeing kyouko’s baby sister, seeing sayaka’s hope in the people she wanted to be like, all of the different possibilties of Mami’s life that were taken away from her, Madoka’s connection to all other magical girls

Homura’s wish didn’t really include her age because it was a wish to revert for egg that broke and killed its embryo, Madoka’s wish was about everyone and how it changed everything and her being a window between worlds that homura is still trying to meddle with, she is clarity

It’s like their lives condense to become who they are as witches/magical girls, every other part what would have been their lives make who they become as magical girls; and we see that the most in how ma

・Homura is my favourite girl, im so disappointed that her ‘older self’ has barely any change! Brilliant video though, and i do love the look of older Madoka and Mami


・I always thought why Sayaka and Mami look adults in their transformation and then became younger


・I actually noticed them when the transformations came out. I always pause on each moment to see every detail as possible 🙂
Still It’s interesting and amazing to see grown up vers of them.




・I wish I could play the game and understand these transformation scenes along with the whole story but my phone doesn’t have enough storage.
I’m sad now.






・8:05 ぶんげられるって書いてて草



・2:19 大人ほむほむ髪の毛の癖弱くなってる?





Sakura Kyoko shows an animation like Alexia in Resident evil: Code Veronica X.
In her first battle, she descent from the stairs of a mansion, and burns, having a transformation. And she wears a red jewell. OMG




・This is actually really Intresting








・This how the girls would look if they aged in real time.

スロー 0:48
ほむら 1:59
スロー 2:38